My tea Story

When I was just a wee one, I was lucky enough to live in the forest, a vibrant landscape of wild native plants that whispered to me as walked the trails and paths. I was allowed to explore to my hearts content, at least until dusk when the waning light signaled it was nearly dinner time at home. Only then would I make haste, run towards my upriver home and rush rosy-cheeked to the family table.

Hello. My name is Alexandra Smith. I am the owner, tea blender and all around maker of Lola Nova. Ever since I was very young I have felt an affinity with plants and the natural world. I am most at home wandering forest trails, combing beaches, and wandering among the wildflowers. I started studying herbalism on my own when I was a teenager, the passion has stayed with me all these years. I have been blending my own teas for as long as i can remember.

I am truly excited to be able to share my tea blends with you! Each Tea is blended for taste, beauty, aroma, and well-being.